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List all of your mods. here. And what mods. you want.

  • Turbo

    Votes: 14 20.9%
  • Nitrous

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Flywheel

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Air Intake

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • Fuel system (Including fuel pump, injectors, and filter

    Votes: 4 6.0%
  • F2

    Votes: 7 10.4%
  • FE3

    Votes: 5 7.5%
  • FE3T

    Votes: 12 17.9%
  • F2T

    Votes: 14 20.9%
  • Lightend body.

    Votes: 5 7.5%
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okay lemme be the first here to post my extra's/mods/acc's:
-complete repaint
-cross/drilled and slotted rotors.
-lowered 1.37" with WEITEC springs and struts
-debadged trunk
-silver panels (thanks for the idea guys)
-used to have white gauges, nowadays digital clusterthanks Flyswat
-ADDCO endlinksthanks Mazdamiester
-OEM front strutbar
-OEM rear strutbarthanks for the parts# guys
-lower tie bar
-CAI (home made)
-high performance cam
-flowed cilinder-head
-Pacesetter headerthanks Meaty
-Fidanza flywheelthanks Hurdawg
-awaiting act/cm-clutch kit
-making rear disk brakes at the moment (still need to find some cross/drilled and slotted rotors rear)
-mesh made in the front-bumper
-added original cruise control (not available in Europe)thanks Mazdamiester
-made my own headlight washers
-installed US-marker lights (not available in Europe)thanks 2-Rusty
-installed oscilating vents (not available in Europe)thanks Mazdamiester
-removed the cat.
-installed extra gauges (oil-pressure, oil-temp., voltage)thanks 2-Rusty for the idea
-installed electric mirrors
-currently trying to fit the US-rear reflector platethanks CT-mxturbo
-original antenna hole welded and electric antenna mounted on the rear right fender.

well thats about it..
things i still want are:
-rims 17" 5-spoke (to show my cross/drilled and slotted equipment.
-2x double Weber carburators (45mm)
-awaiting to install the ADDCO rear swaybar....(is on its way)

-Frank (while reading it all i really should thank all of u who helped me getting the parts i wanted.)

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My car is not close to some of the other six's but here are my mods anyway:

Ractive Heat Shield Intake
Pace Setter Exhaust
Pace Setter Short Throw Shifter
NGK 8mm Wires
NGK Plugs
Custom Interior
Sony Audio (everything)
Neon Blue Head Lights
LED Windshild Squirters
White Faced Gauges

Mods I want:

2.5 inch piping w/ Ractive Exhaust (soon....very soon)
Front Strut Tower Bar
17 inch rims
Turbo Conversion
Engine Rebuild

Mods pretty small for the time being, but it is starting to come together. Dont make fun of me too much :ewink:

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Guess I sould list mine aswell.

Bored stock f2 block
.030 flat top pistons with total seal piston rings
knife edged and lighted crank
crom moly rods
ported and polished head
bigger valves and double valve spring with titanium retainers
Pacesetter header
catco converter
fully custom 2.5" exhaust
arospeed bomb muffler
intrax 1 3/4" lowering springs
msd ignition upgrade with ignition controler
msd 8.5mm super conductor wires
msd blaster 2 coil
bosch platium plus 4 plugs
venom injectors
venom fuel pump
weapon-r air filter and adapter
Unorthodox racing aluminum flywheel
Unorthodox racing kevler cluth and racing pressure plate set
JET ECU upgrade
APR gt2 wing
under car blue neon kit
blue headlight strobes
blue led washers

And many more to come!

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konig 17" imagines
Ventus 17" Z's
PRM cai intake
Borla exhaust
Pioneer 802 u (touch screen) HU
infinti kappa 5X7's all the way around
NGK plugs

oh and in a week hopefully, i will have my P&P intake manifold along with phenos...

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msd coil
8mm accells
matrix cone filter w/adapter
summit rpm activated switch
ngk vpower plugs
oem rstb
catco cat
2.5inch exhaust
dynomax super turbo muffler
weapon-r racing harrness
intertior mods
a/f gauge
some body work
debadged trunk
shaved antenna
oscilating vents
Think thats it.

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Sparco junior racing seats
RCI 5 point racing harnesses
Grant steering wheel
OBX racing peddles
Autometer guages
- oil preasure
- boost
- air feul
- water temp
- feul preasure
- speedo
- tach
aluminum rear panels
carbon fiber door panels

Hamann BMW front bumper
Skyline R32 tail lights
wings west side skirts same as erobuni or pacific
SPL carbon fiber mirrors
carbon fiber rear btcc wing
gun metal paint finish
custom graphics

Koni adjustable inserts
Skunk 2 coil overs ( acura integra)
pillow ball upper camber plates
front and rear strut bars

Wilwood 4 pot front brakes
Wilwood 12.2 inch heavey duty rotors
Wilwood tandem master cylinder
Wilwood proportioning valve

hybrid ihi turbo good for 260 hp
custom intercooler
custom hard pipes
greddy bov
manual boost controller
5th injector
holley fmu
chiped ecu
custom exhaust
msd 6a
blaster 2 coil
msd plug wires

Konig verdict 18 inch wheels
nitto nt450 rubber

genuine nissan skyline badging from japan.

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ya know what the worste thing about that was adam....i had to read twice (cause of your sig) and the second time reading only made it harder to look at my car again.

my mods in order....

im not going after adam, somone else go please.

p.s. adam i already sent you a check fpor the chip......will you either hold it till you get more or me

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I'll go!

1990 Probe GL MTX (white)

Cone filter and adapter
Home Depot CAI
Sebring Muffler (not chrysler!) w/3.5" tip
2.25" Custom Exhaust piping
Nology Hotwires
Beru Silverstone spark plugs
JET ecu chip
Eibach Pro-Kit springs (1.3" drop in front, 1" drop in rear)
KYB GR-2 struts
GREX Front Strut Bar (modified to fit from a 1988-1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse) Rear Strut Bar (modified to fit from a 2nd gen Probe)
Powerslot Slotted Rotors
Akebono Ceramic brake pads (from Japan)})
16" Konig Villan rims
Nitto NT450 tires 205/55/vr16
PRD short throw shifter
1st gen Probe GT rear sway bar (18mm)

Sound system:
Kenwood KRC401 radio/tape head unit
Kenwood KDC300 add-on CD player w/graphic output display
Kenwood KFC1677 6.5" coaxial speakers in the doors
Boston Acoustic Rally series RX67 6.5" coaxial speakers custom mounted in the rear.
Kicker IX405D 5 channel amplifier (40x4 @4ohms + 280x1 @2ohms) mounted in the trunk
Kicker Comp VR 12" sub woofer in trunk

New upholstery on front and rear seats.

Maintained paint! Looks new for a 12 year old car!
Black painted front brakes and rear drums

On the way:
Random Technology High Flow Catalytic Converter
New clutch (was going with ACT but decided to go with OE replacement)

In the works:
A true cold air intake system (much different, and hopefully better than the home depot one!)

Well, thats is about it (I think!)[email protected]

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ok you asked for it

Leaking Turbo
broke shifter box
fat man as driver

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custom made header
stock GT ihi turbo(5psi until injectors come in)
dual stage boost controller
:( stock downpipe
2 1/4" highflow cat with 2 1/4" pipe
3" Apexi muffler
SDS computer system
great clutch
cone filter with pipeing redone so BOV vents to atmosphere and the filter is more towards the underside of engine compartment for cooler air

Motegi rims (gunmetal gray)
yokohama tires (I like mine alot)

and faded mazda paint :(

soon to come
750cc injectors
walboro fuel pump
and T3/T4 turbo
all at once:)

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88 MX-6 GT

Bored .020 over (with torqe plate) & Decked Block
Micro Polished & Balanced Crank
Rods Beam Polished,Shot Peened,Balanced
ARP Head Studs
Port & Polished Head
1mm oversize Manly SS Valves
Dual Coil Valve Springs
5 Angle Valve Job

Turbonetics Turbo Upgrade
Greddy Profec A
G-Force Chip
HKS Intercooler Pipes
Racing Sport Akimoto Cone Filter
Aeromotive FPR
Venom Fuel Pump
Paxton Fuel Filter
HKS Off Road 2.5" Exhaust
MSD Digital 6
Magnacor 10 mm
RC Throttle Body
Clutch Masters Stage III
AASCO Flywheel

Shocktek Coilovers
Cusco Camber Plates Frt. & Rear
Cork Sport Front Strut Tower Bar, Mazda OEM Rear
Cork Sport Lower Suspension Bar

SSR Competition 7.5" X17'' Wheels
Kumo 712, 215-45-17 Tires
KVR (Brembo) Slotted Rotors
KVR Pads
Goodrich Braided Lines

Autopower Roll Bar
Scroth 4 Point Harnesses

Piston Skirts,Rocker Arm Shafts, Camshaft are Polymer Coated
Piston Tops, Combustion Chambers, Exhaust Runners are Ceramic Coated

Christmas List
Jay B's Plug & Play ECU
Turbonetics Manifold with Deltagate and T3/4 Turbo
Water Injection System

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Not as much as you guys, but oh well:

-PaceSetter Cat-Back (2 3/8")
-PaceSetter Short Throw Shifter
-Red S.Plug Wires
-JVC Mp3 CD Player
-Illuminated Shifter

-Soon to have Custom CAI

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my mx-6 has following options as from factory :

REARTRONIC - rear view monitoring tools
FUELTRONIC - adjustable fuel feeding
BRAKETRONIC - 4WB (braking system)
SEATRONIC - easy entry to rear seats
LUGGATRONIC - luggage compartment opens from saloon


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-short shifter
-hyper white lights (Xeon)
-white face gauge's
-strut bar (front)
-boost guage (autometer)
-rims (pep boys)
-custom made cone intake
-shift knob (APC)
-10" sub
-Boss Amp
-8mm spark plug wires
-platium 4 plugs(they work great for me)

Soon to be
-HKS Turbo timer type I
-custom 3" pipe
-high flow cat
-adam ecu chip
-rear strut bar
-subaru 2.5 RS Front bumper
-custom Z3 fenders
-custom made box with 2 12"

not much but i love my car!!!!! It is still fast enough to beat a DOHC Vtec Integra, and many other cars.

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-Pacesetter Cat Back
-Conefilter & Adapter
-Ngk V-powers
-Pcv Breather
-Blaster 2 Coil
-Custom Ram air with underbody scoop
-Addco Endlinks
-Pilot super white driving lights
-xenon headlights
-Aiwa cd x227
-Pioneer 6.5`s
-Cerwin Vega 4`s
-Custom Blue/black leather interior
-Autometer gauges and a-pillar pod
-Blue neon led washers
-Blue under body strobe lights
-Blue neon liscense plate lights

-Msd 6a ignition and magnecore 8.5 mm wires
-Bomb style muffler
-Rear strut tower bar and lower tie bar

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Washed and waxxed, nothing more!

Probably first thing I'll manage to do is the antenna (power, motor goes, antenna doesn't) then maybe put the speakers from my former MX-6 in the rear, check the source of the exhaust leak, pray the tapping goes away, change the MTX oil to synthetic, find a fix for the rear spoiler (right support is rusted out), then I may look into performance. First performance will probably be that butterfly adjustment, because it is reversible. I'd like a turbo timer, because I know it has to sit, but have no way of knowing how long it's gotta sit to cool enough.

I've got 2 cars to care for, so I can't really do a lot that might cause problems. Besides, it's damn fast as it is!
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