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List all of your mods. here. And what mods. you want.

  • Turbo

    Votes: 14 20.9%
  • Nitrous

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Flywheel

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Air Intake

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • Fuel system (Including fuel pump, injectors, and filter

    Votes: 4 6.0%
  • F2

    Votes: 7 10.4%
  • FE3

    Votes: 5 7.5%
  • FE3T

    Votes: 12 17.9%
  • F2T

    Votes: 14 20.9%
  • Lightend body.

    Votes: 5 7.5%
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haha. this is the list of my DE-modifications! Stripped the whole car down except for the dash and front door panels
Battery is in the trunk
Blaster 2 coil
Accel custom cut 8.8wires
Thermos cold air intake
Probinator chip
Delete of the moon roof. If anybody want a whole complete functional moonroof pm me!
Egr delete and thermoblock spacers install.
almost forgot! Lightened flywheel
Center Force clutch and pressure plate.
oh ya! damn im forgetful
Awr motor mounts lol sry for all the edits

other minor unmentionables.

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wow and i thought i had a tight car but reading the others is like... humbling but:

-k&n cone tip
-NGK performance plugs
-custom MSD 8.5mm wires
-Royall Purple synthetic oil and trans fluid
-Completly replaced all vacuum lines with blue lines
-replaced wire looms with blue ones

-carbon fiber like wipers
-stock blue paint

-painted dash, black with blue background
-painted door panels with blue background
-black floor mats
-carbon fiber like shifter
-kenwood 4v pre out 250w deck
-fusion 1000w amp running to rockford p3 10in
-fold down 7in and 5in in dash tv with exotic dvd player

Soon To Come:
-paint the hood and trunk black with one strip down the roof black to conect the two.
-black 5 spoke rims with crome lip
-ebaich lowering springs, e mail me if any one has any
-big ole carbon fiber spoiler
-blue headlights and fog lights
-tint out the windows

Tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions

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-NGK v-power plugs
-8 mm wires
-Oem style Carbon Fiber Hood
-Brand new KYB Gas shocks and struts
-Tockico lowering Springs

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I'll add to mine...

T3 60trim bolted to a custom downpipe and log manifold (after new head goes on)
stock intercooler, unbroken
gh3ttofabulous hard pipes in full effect
1g HID Retrofit soon to be completed
"B" all red tails

Nothing else to spiffy

my mods...

tbird hybrid
jb weld and red silicone holding the IC together until new one appears in the mail!

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Here we go.

OK, starting off. 1992 pgt turbo. Newly painted-Two Tone.:jump:

- F2t turbo, fully rebuilt. balanced and blueprinted.
-over bored 0.030.
- wiseco flats with 20 deg inserts.
- pauter rods.
- knife edged crank.
- everything heat treated.
- arp head studs.
- metal head gasket
- fully ported and rebuilt head.
- Colt Cam Tri flow cam.
- Fidanza flywheel.
- Spec stage 3 clutch 6 puck.
- Custom tubular t3 turbo mainfold.
- T3/To4e turbo.
- 35mm external wastegate.
- HKS evc 2 boost controller.
- evo 8 intercooler with 2.5 inch piping.
- HKS super sec BOV.
- K&N cone filter.
- Accel 48lb/hr high impedence injectors.
- Miata PLugs. NGK.
- MSD 6AL.
- MSD inline fuel pump.
- MEGASQUIRT 1, with v3 board and 4 barmap sensor.
- bosch aftmarket press regulator.
- ZEX wet kit, with dual blue led purge, and remote opener.
- custom 3" turbo back exhaust with magnaflow cat, and DNA muffler.
- Autometer wide bane, o2.
- APC seats, with 5 point harnesses
- Autometer gauges; boost/vaccum, volt, wide bane, oil press etc. ALL ultra lite. series.
- momo steering wheel.
- elusion leds.
- Andy's auto rear skirt.
- r1 carbon racing wing.
- 17" gunmetal, with ziex tires.
- newly painted silver and black, two tone.
- custom non pop-up head light conversion, with angel eyes.
- Subaru legacy twin piston front calipers.
- brembo discs on all four.
- Tokico hp's, with ground control coilovers.
- new rear crossmember, linkage, trailing and lateral links.
Future upgrades:
- Andy's auto sport front and side skirts.
- lsd.
- racing slicks.
- full custom and removable roll cage.
- fuel cell.
- fibreglass hood.​

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Geez, im not sure i can remember mine.
191,000 mile Junkyard F2t
Power mods:
Turbonetics T60-1 Hifi.
Tial 38mm Ext gate
Full 3" vband exhaust with vastly different downpipe.
Superchips ECU from 1997 lol
MSD 6A& Blaster
Walbro 255
24X12X3 FMIC with 2.5-3" IC pipes.
3" intake, mildly modified air flow meter
RC 370cc fuel injectors
Acid Ported Intake manifold
Greddy profec B which has been replaced with a WORKING MBC @16 psi

Drivetrain/Suspension Mods:
ACT Superstreet PP
Mazda OEM clutch disc
Reverse gear tension spring(from my closet door handle)
Welded differential Pin.
window-weld filled mounts
4ws front Subframes with modified 4ws subframe connector(stock 4ws hit exhaust)
90+ probe GT rear sway bar
OEM rear tie and strut tower bar
Ground control coilovers
2g tokico illuminas which are getting replaced with koni reds.
Polyeurothane trailing arm bushings
poly sway bar links and bushings.

STOCK!:lol::lol::lol: Hey, they work great :shrug:

'89 Fabric conversion
LE Leather steering wheel
Rethreaded shifter with FC shift knob
autometer Fuel press gauge
AEM wideband
Autometer EGT
Non-chrome inner door handles
black passenger dash vent

Rx7 BBS convertable mesh wheels
90-92 grille
European Headlamps and corners
DX decklid without spoiler

Removed sound deadening material=-21.2lbs
Removed ABS system=-38lbs
Miata battery=-12lbs
Removed AC system
ZERO emissions equipment(makes working on it a walk in the park! 2 vacuum lines lol)
E85 Friendly fuel system
Manual antenna
Pusher fan from 01 Corolla
Tensionless PS belt.
Honda civic Overflow tank

I'm sure theres more, the car is a frankenstein but doesnt look it.

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1991 626 DX

replaced wiring harnesses for a 89 GT and a modified interior harness
F2T from a 89 MX6 GT
new gaskets and resealed
stock turbo
2.5 inch downpipe and 2.5 inch exhaust with high flow cat
APEXi AVC-R boost controller*
relocated battery
1G DSM recirculation valve*
pacesetter short throw shifter
MAZDASPEED Protege shift knob
Probeinator chipped ECU
F1 gripforce clutch
redline gearlube in trans
autometer a/f meter
OBX boost guage

subaru legacy front calipers
rear disc brake swap from 89 PGT
AAS suspesion
MAZDASPEED front strut tower bar
MX6 rear strut tower bar
MX6 lower tie bar
Mazda 3 17 inch wheels with 205-45-17
MX6 GT headlights
energy suspension endlinks
MX6 GT front swaybar
PGT 18mm rear swaybar
89 MX6 grille

91 PGT power driver seat
MX6 GT seats
LX power windows
LX power mirrors
LX power door locks
2ND gen RX7 steering wheel
LX taillights
MX6 hood

* means will be installing very soon

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OK 1990 PGT Turbo.
ENGINE #3 lol :rolleyes::

- F2t
- Tbird turbo
- Egt sensor
- ricer BOV
- custum cold air intake
- 2 1/2" O2 housing back exhaust

- PIT EBC set at 10/14 psi
- Autometer boost/EGT gauges, AEM wideband
- Probinator chipped ECU


- 17" Motegi MR7's silver
- sick intense headlights! :shrug:

Future upgrades:

- Garrett t3/4 .50 trim turbo
- supporting fuel mods :)
- Mega squirt
- after i blew the f2t go fe3t!:angel:

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Its in horrific condition now, winter time=cold temps=no straightening up engine bay and cleaning car. It just sits in the garage and drives from time to time.


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Here's mine;

Invader rear wing
Veilside side skirts
Invader Front and rear bumpers
Molded entire body kit
Blue window tint
AR 18's chrome
Brembo rotors
Blue calipers
Z3 fenders, (not inserts)
Altezza tail lights
Angle eyes heads lights
HID conversion
Lambo doors

APC seats
Shutt harnesses
Sparco shift knob
Sparco pedals
Interior neons

Sony head unit
Clarions in the doors and rear
2-12 inch Infinity kappa perfect subs
Clarion sub amp

Short neck KLZE swap
Short throw shifter
Hot Shot headers
Borla exhaust
Straight pipe through the cat
Jet programed ECU
K&N Filter
AEM intake
Stage 4 ACT clutch, 6 puck
ACT high pressure plate
NGK spark plug wires
Purple teckniks hoses
Stage 3 Zex wet shot nitrouse system with Zex computer
Port and polished heads
i think that sums it up in a nutshell....

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thats a fantastic looking 626, thats freakkin awesome megalo.:tup:

thanx! i still have it in pieces and still getting the interior pieces and im going to paint alot and have a blue/gray interior, right now its blue, gray and brown

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KLZE Engine swap
NGK Spark Plugs/NGK 8mm Wires
Slotted Rotors and Carbon Pads only on front, havent had time to put on the rears.
Honda Civic K&N AirFilter
CenterFirce Stage 1 Clutch
Shitty 17's That I've been to cheap to replace, came with the car.
GoodYea UltraGrip Ice tires for Winter and Pirellis for Summer.

Needs much more, to be honest i dont think i could ever truly be done upgrading or finish with the car.
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