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Long time no post, news with MY lx turbo!

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Sup fellas. Sorry I haven't been around lately but I have been working with my 6. First off, I went all the way, buying the f2t block off a friend for 100 bucks. All the things needed for a complete gt make over I got from a 92 probe EVERYTHING for 300 bucks. I had had the block bored .030 over and had new turbo pistons put in. The wiring is a little confusing but I think I have everything down pat. My ? is, how much more power is gained by having my stock pgt turbo rebuilt and upgraded with a t-bird turbo coupe compressor housing and wheel. Ric at racing mazda has told my that he can have it upgraded and rebuilt with a completely new mid section for 650 bones. So what do you guys think, is it worth it? I think so, every turbo shop in my city wants 7 bills and up. And the turbo is rebuilt be turbonetics!
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How much money for the t3/t4 hybrid, is it new, for under 600 dollers, the reason being is that I already have the money for the upgrade/rebuild. If someone hear can hook it up for about 5 bills im down for sure.
What about manifolds and i/c piping, you have to have that to right?
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