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Looking for a good cylinder head (2.0L)

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My car is burning oil. The cylinder head just pushed over 200K miles. The rest of the engine is at 173K (I had to put a used cylinder head on it when I first got the car) I am going to gamble and say that it's most likely valve stem seals as the problem. I say this because it's cheaper than piston rings :tup: In the end, I have a 1994 mazda 626 2.0L in need of a cylinder head. It needs not have the cams (as a matter of fact, if it will save money on shipping...) If it does come with cams at a good enough price though, I'll take them so all of the parts stay together. I would prefer one with as little miles as possible, and I am only looking to spend about $75 at most. I just figure if anyone's parting out their cars, I could get a deal. Thanks guys!
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have a rebuilt head, with less then 800 mile's on it sitting in the garage if your intrested. no cam's though. 100 + shipping and its yours.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I have the front cylinder head for a KL-DE in good working condition to trade if anyone would like.
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