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Looking for cheap shogun

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I'm looking to get a cheap shogun kit for my MX6. Looking to paint the car but wanna get the kit first. I found one for $759. Anyone know where I can get it for less?
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check eBay there's usually shoguns there, but just remember when u go cheap u get what u pay for
Theres one in the FS section cheap.
I recommend not buying one on ebay. All the bodykits on ebay all I hear is horror stories.
^ word. my buddy club side-skirts were 1.5" too short on both sides, and my front nose was all warped and needed extensive work to make it fit. For the $400 US I paid (about 800 landed after shipping, duties and the exchange rate difference) that was not at all cool :tdown:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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