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..either a reputable Audio Repair place, or a replaement stereo for my '88 Ranger.
My stock set has no lights illuminating the stations/CLOCK (which I want) but sounds OK.
I got hold of an early '90 F-series radio..sounds good, but no CLOCK.
I would either want to fix my stock set to have lights on the display..or get another set. I dont need anything HI-Teck...just a decent sound and LIGHTS with the CLOCK.
Willing to trade what I got.. or get a new/different set.
My OEM is/has a 4 screw mount..but can modify to a DIN mount.
...Been talking to -Furyos -with a possibilty...but checking around. This is not a 'Gotta Have' .. but a 'Want' - if feasible.
Anyone got anything
Thanks Furyos... Talking with you.....
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