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Hello all

I'm from India and I've found a 1996 Mazda MX6 for sale (there are less than 10 in the country.) It's a 2.5L V6 KL-DE with the manual transmission.

The car has done only 32,000km or so since it was purchased. It's been sitting idle for the past 3 years. It fires up all right I'm told, but the owner mentioned "white smoke" that he said was cleared with an engine flush (I don't know how using engine cleaner clears white smoke but I'll take his word for it until I see the car).

I'm attaching pics of the car. It was imported from South Africa (built by Mazda there under a joint venture called SAMCOR).

What do you guys think? What should I be checking for, before buying this car?

Below are the list of repairs that the current owner feels should be done with the car.
AC heater climate control unit
300mm sports steering wheel
RVM left
Ignition cables
Ignition leads
Brake pads
Dayco Timing Belt kit
Engine mounts
Clutch master cylinder
Fuel pump
FR brake disc set
Spark plugs
Rod ends front left
Crank pos sensor
Water pump
Full body respray

Do check out the pictures and let me know what you think! I'm looking to keep this car for at least 10 years after buying it. I'm handy with tools but I'll need to import all the parts from abroad, so any help in that matter is appreciated too.


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Guys I'd really appreciate your inputs here. I'm going to see the car within this week.
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