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looking to turbo my m ..but is their anyone who live

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thinking about turboing my m edition . is their anyone ,or any shops are rockford il . that could help me out . since the shop i used to go . is no longer in business . so i have heard . which kinda blows . since they were a really bunch of great guys . who knew their stuff .

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send monoxidechild a pm.....he lives in Rockford & knows his sheeeyat ;) if he can't help ya....yer sunk.:tup:
You may want to ask in the automotive (dealership/repair) community of where those guys may have ended up. Thats what I would do, I'm sure they'd remember you and possibly do some work on the side for you as well.
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............and ill meet you half way if you buy my turbo kit........

2g turbo kit, local pick up only. 1500 - Forums
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