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looks like a sick deal for a 97 LS...

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1997 MAZDA MX6 LS - Peterborough Mazda Cars For Sale - Kijiji Peterborough

check it out I think it seems like a good deal if it doesn't need much to safety

:jump: I might finally have some money coming to me... enough to pick this up!!!!!!! :jump: wooooooo, hopefully
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i should buy that .... same color as mine i beleieve.... and its got mtx... hmm which i had that cash lol... o well...

but someone should def pick it up
yes dan buy it loose the slush box mtx is so much more fun 2 drive sell yours & pick that up.. i found my 6 all the way down in S/c i want 2 buy it. guy is asking 2500 but IMO well worth what he's asking around 200k black mtx C/f fenders & hood i been dying 2 find where 2 buy c/f front fenders but cant seem 2 find them anywhere but he has them & im going 2 get it =)
Wow, that's a siiiick deal for a 1997, for sure :tup:

I paid $4400 for mine in 2006 :freak:
she's sold :( oh well
i wish i could just pick up and do that. :(
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