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Low Fuel Warning Light Only Works Intermittently

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For reference, I have a '93 LS MX6.
Now, I have had an issue with the low fuel warning light for a couple of years now. For the first several years I owned the car, it worked great; then, it started acting up and would only work intermittently. Now, it rarely ever comes on at all when my fuel gets low. And before anyone makes a "running the car on less than a 1/4 tank" comment...........please refrain from making such a comment, because I am already aware of this.

Also, I'm not sure if this is a related issue, but it could be: at times, my temperature and fuel gauge needles simultaneously peg themselves all the way to the right no matter what the coolant temp or fuel level actually is. I believe the gauge issue to be a grounding/wiring issue though, but I haven't gone into testing that diagnosis yet. Can anyone confirm this?

Anyone else ever had these same exact issues and found the cause(s). All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

edit: actually, now that I think about it, I have a couple more electrical issues. My passenger side window always rolls down just fine without fail, but sometimes it doesn't want to go back up as easily. It takes several pushes of the switch to get it to work. Would that be the window switch issue that I've briefly read about, or could it be the motor going bad?

Also, my cruise control has started acting up on me. The light on the cruise "On/Off" button in the dash beside the hazard lights button, always comes on as it should, but sometimes the speed won't set when I push the "Set" button on the steering wheel controls; when this occurs, the "cruise" light on the instrument panel doesn't come on either. When it works and does set though, the cruise controls all function normally.

As said before, all help will be greatly appreciated.
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It's the same connector that controls those two needles on the passenger side of the instrument cluster, it sounds like your problem might be there. Make sure the bulb for the fuel is securely attached to the cluster. Even when the fuel is low, be aware that the light will go off when you accelerate and when you the fuel swishes around at other angles.

Passenger motor sounds like a connection problem, I had the same thing until I swapped door panels and had to reconnect everything.

I don't know about cruise control, I don't have it :shrug:
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