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KL engine.. will idle and redline o.k., low power in all rev ranges (60-70% what it should be).

Changed plugs+leads, fuel filter, checked fuel pressure, TPS, Airflow sensor, Vris, Injector signals from ECU.
(Backbox replaced).

The more the engine is driven the less the power becomes.. the longer I'm caught in traffic, the more power becomes available.. 10-15 minutes wait, creates awesome power increase, which dies back to normal by the time I get into second...??

I noticed a small increase turning left with open trottle, which does'nt happen turning right or going straight... so I removed the fuel pump, the filter was perfect.

The cat was plugged.. got it hammered through (bad idea.?),
the back o2 sensor is bad, which is the only thing the ECU is reporting..

1992 626 2.5 v6, 4 ws.

Thank's in advance
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