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lowering help?

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so i bought some arospeed coilovers, but i've heard that coilovers+stock springs=uncontrollable car bounce whenever the car is in motion. is this true? does anybody have experience with adjustable coilovers and stock springs? thanks for the help
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i had the same set up for a couple of months. if you can wait for new struts then wait. the bounce isn't uncontrollable, but it does suck. people in the back will hit their heads on the back glass. once i got new struts it made a beautiful diff. hope this helped.
thanks. yeah im looking at tokico illuminas now...

Hey I have Ground Controls on stock struts, I have had them for almost a year now. The guy who installed them said I will run into problems within a few months, NO PROBLEM yet, ride is smooth as anythin, moves beautifully, lowered the car about 2.5 inches and still got room for more. I don't have a lot experience with this, but I have never heard anything bad about ground controls. They were kind of expensive though.

Good Luck
Now did you just buy springs to lower it or did u get full coilovers?
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