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I am so luck I almost killed the Wagon again

another head was almost on it's way. The dam bypass hose behind the thermostat housing split mind you it was 11 years old.
But it did it right at the worng moment. I had to take my mate to Hospital, sent his hand through wire reinforced glass window you know the toliet ones.
Take him to one hosptial and find out car is hissing lucky i cought it can made a small repair. but then I get a call that he needs to go form canturbury hospital to Concord. at farking 12pm at night.

So a a warning to all F2 owner turbo and non check that hose. I cought it in the wagon but many other have not. Reason finding heads can be hard.
that Dam bypass hose, thank god Robbo's was open on the public holiday.
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