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I have a 1994 MX-6 LS V6. It has everything! Except CD player. It's bone stock. The M Edition MX-6 Has Leather seats like mine, but embroidered with "M Edition" along with floor mats. It would be a simple swap, but where can I get those seats cheap..... just an idea..... I would also like the stock 3-cd in-dash changer. Should fit in my stock dash with the removal of the "storage compartment", right.....



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just wanted to warn you about the 3-CD indash changer. they're not very reliable. at least not mine. i had mine replaced after the second year (warranty work), and then it stopped ejecting smoothly (same problem as before) after another two years or so. i thought about getting the warranty work again, but decided to go aftermarket. fyi, the stock changer is alpine; they also make an aftermarket 3CD changer that uses the same 3-CD magazine. if you are still interested, i've got my stock 3CD sitting in the closet; it still works fine (playing, fast forwarding, pausing, scanning, etc.), but i can't guarantee you that it'll eject your disc out when you want it back.
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