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I have a few questions in regards to weather and mods to our cars...
1) Anyone out there have a body kit in a snowy city? I live in Calgary, Canada and was wondering what happens in the snow, do you push through? How much snow does it take before you have to worry?
2) Similar to above, when do you have to worry when you have lowered your car?
3) How dangerous is it to have a cold air intake in snowy areas? Is it a concern?
4) What keeps stuff (ie. snow, water/rain, leaves, trash) from getting into the vents on a custom hood? What happens if and when this does happen.

Any help on any of these would be great. I have ideas of the answers of course but I wanted to know what other experiences were. The other thing I was wondering was what do you do to remedy any of the problems if its already occured? (ie. snow in your air intake?)
Lastly, please discuss any other concerns or potential weather issues you now of, better to know ahead of time I think.
Thanks all, cya.
'93 LS
Calgary, Canada
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