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MAF sensor?

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O.K. heres the deal my kid has a 94 mx6 4 cylinder 5 speed manual. Had it for about a year or so its ugly but runs great. last week his buddy told him to take off the air box and wrap a t-shirt around the housing of the M A F sensor. Told him it would give him more horsepower and sound cool. So he did it. Ran like crap so he took off the t-shirt and put the air box and air cleaner back on.Two days later car wont run at all wont even start. If he messed up the MAF sensor could this be causing the problem of not starting or running.
Strangely enough it will start by popping the clutch in reverse wont start by popping the clutch going forward. once it is started and you try to go forward it spits sputters revs and stalls. Sounds kinda weird huh? Anybody got any ideas?
THANKS to any help!
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Apparently the maf is very sensitive, and the sensing wire inside should not even be touched. If they touched it in the least, it's probably junk. You should start by checking the maf wiring harness to see if they dislodged it somehow.
I would also check to make sure that everything was correctly hooked up again.

I would bet that didnt happen since there were putting t shirts on the intake which if you get a chance slap him for doing that. :lol:

Does the plunger move okay still?
Does the plunger move okay still?
The 4 cyl has a maf, not a vaf like the v6. It's a fine wire that can be cleaned, but with extreme caution. Here is a writeup if you choose to clean it, but make sure you use electronic parts cleaner or MAF cleaner...these leave no residue, unlike other spray cleaners.

Clean Your MAF
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