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I recently purchased my 94 LS 5psd and almost immediately dropped $1000 on simple repairs, as well as getting it registered and inspected in PA (I bought it in NJ). Already I'm having a few problems...(AFTER i dropped a grand)..
The passenger side power window refuses to work...with either the drivers switch or the passenger switch. I washed and waxed it on Saturday, and immediately afterwards it just stopped working. I don't see how it could've gotten wet, which is the only thing i could think of. How can i check the motor? or the wiring? What would you recommend to troubleshoot this? i DONT want to have to go to a garage and spend more $$$$!! Also, the A/C isn't cold at all, in fact its merely blowing in outside air. Does it just need recharged?
Also, the drivers side lock will NOT unlock once it is locked from the inside. AKA, if i'm in the car, and i lock the door, both the passenger and drivers side lock, but only the passenger side will unlock from the inside. To unlock the drivers side I have to open the window and use my key in the lock on the outside.

I want to try and do these myself, to save some $$...
Any ideas??
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