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I'm currently in the same boat with fixing the VRIS's. Since the IAT and VRF are part of the same module, there's probably a hose or connector somewhere that's not connected to it properly, or some other vacuum hose problem. Double check them all. Check all the other stuff that could make your engine run weak (sparks/wires/anything else you removed) and then run it again. If runs smooth, clear the codes and then check again.

What was your vac chamber problem? I haven't removed my IM yet, and I'm not even sure if my VIRS's work or not, I just know they're not moving. I used a cable tie and tied them open for now until I fix them for real. I'm AMAZED at the difference in power...especially between 4000 - 6000rpm. How did you diagnose your vac chamber problem?

Good luck,
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