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I'm thinking of getting a new CD player and I want it to look good in the car (2nd gen). You know how we have all green lights for the A/C and guage cluster and all. Anyone know of some good quality receivers for about $200 or so that have green lighting?

Or does anyone have a different color that still looks good. Pictures maybe?


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Lots of decks have the flourescent whitish greenish bluish lighting now, it looks good with the green dash lights. Eclipse uses the blue flourescent all around, it looks pretty good. Alpine uses the whiter lights, with green to back it up, matches very well indeed.

Otherwise, many decks offer matrix displays with adjustable colors, the Clarion 835 has 700 and some odd color options, and is a damn fine deck to boot. The Panasonic Ghost decks can be made green, and are alright, though not my style personaly....
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