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mazda 3 disc change help

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I have a 96 mx6 rs with the factory cassette. I bought a mazda 3 disc changer to put where the cubby hole is, it has a round plug on the back, but no round receptical to plug it into the back of the head unit. can I make this work or not?
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that round plug is the antena cable. I dont know if your MX6 has a antena plug or cable, depends on what setup the car had before the radio your installing. You can put the radio in without plugin the antena, but you wont hear the radio.
I think you need to take some photos of what you bought and plan on using. Unfortunately, 99% of the time, OEM radios don't swap into other model OEM cars. That's why the aftermarket industry exists.
i think i know what you are talking about. That sounds like honda's older accessory cd players for the tape radio's. More than likely you'll have to get the mazda 3 radio. You might be able to rewire it but the head unit needs to have a cd changer function. And chances are, and i don't know what the mazda 3 main radio looks like, that it may not have the same plug on the back. So my answer is probably if wired in right but not worth the time.
I think he's talking about the M-Edition 3-disc changer, if that's the case it should plug right in as long as you have the right cassette unit, I swapped the M CD changer over to my 94 RS and it was PnP.

Does your cassette unit looks like this one?

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dang thats a little neater than the honda pnp changers.

I like!
yes thats what I have but I didn't see where to plug the round plug from the changer
My mistake, I swapped over the cassette unit too, so you need to find a cassette unit from the M-Edition.
I got it hooked up I didn't see the place to plug it in was covered now after that I'm getting a E-02 error on the cd player
I guess they are PnP after all.

Anyways, E-02 mean one of your disc is in the wrong spot, eject the changer and remove all the disc and put the empty cart back in, then try 1, 2, and 3 one by one see if you can get the disc that's in the player back out.
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