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.....mazda logo headrests..

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ill let pics talk.. but its to scale and is exactly the mazda emblem :D

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you sew for a living lol? Looks good would be better without the RBC under it though
Anything planed for the rear seats?
..thanks man.. im planning on doing the incerts in teh bottoms and mby reforming the tops to have some more bolstering like how the camaros rear seats are so they match the fronts...

lol i like my name in it.. im never going to sell the car. :D

and girls LOOOOVEEE it :D

next time i go home im redoing my headliner and im lookin to use a new material like in the new pontic g6's i like the feel of it and its easy to clean... :D
Funny, at the bottom of the page is an ad from JC Whitney for Seat Covers :lol:

......i feel insulted! lol..

oh and no i dont sew for a living.. thats my moms sewing room i helped build for her and the only sewing i do is for my cars... and my white polos with matching mazda logo :D
Nice I wants
you want to redo my seats for me? lol looks really good man
wow bro, they look great. I got a guy in town that does embroidery and I think I am going to get some stuff done. Your mom's machine looks like my girl's mom's machine. Pretty cool work if I do say so myself. Its really similar to what I do actually except you use a different type of machine to get you finished product
You better hope Mazda Corp. doesn't find out you are using their logo without their concent!!!!!!!! I got turned away from every embrodery shop around because Mazda wouldn't allow me to use the logo
well i drew it out in paint. im not selling it and i did it myself. i think im ok with mazda corp.. i mean its in a mazda!

thanks jarret. well shoot dont take it downtown let me do it :D

hey guitardude sure ill help :D

i cant wait to get to work on the rear seats. im going to make the back comfortable.

and i havnt decided yet if i wana replace the tan incers in the doors with black or just add a black stripe or do any monograming i just havnt decided yet.
wow, that's awesome
:) thanks

total time to do it including drawing it out.. 45 min.
:) thanks

total time to do it including drawing it out.. 45 min.
Man, thats awesome, and quick!:p Too bad my 1G has a hole thru the center of the headrest!:rolleyes:
Looks good :tup:

Another Brent with an MX-6 in SC?? Who would've thought?:shrug:
sweeet! where in sc? im up in greenville!
sweet we gota meet up sometime for lunch!
Have you ever thought of doing the seats for an M edition? Has the M logo in the middle/top of the front seat....I want to re do my seats but HAVE to have my M logo and Mazda corp doesnt stock the panels anmore....

ill let pics talk.. but its to scale and is exactly the mazda emblem :D

looks very nice
looks pretty good should do a mazda speed one to .
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