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Mazda logo swap?

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Is there a new Mazda wing logo from another car that fits on our cars nicely?
im talking about replacing the toilet seat logo on the front of the hood on our 2Gs for this:
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just use super glue.

i mean its not that hard.
The newer mazda emblems are a little bigger than our original one. You'd have to check the sizes of a few different ones.
most of the ones ive been able to get my hands on are curved to fit other panels on their original cars, i cant even find a normal flat one
i dont need the pins to align, i can patch up the original pin holes and just stick on the new logo, but it looks terrible when its a curved logo on a nearly flat surface
Look at this:

In my opinion - oem eblems is the right way :)
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^^^ That is the perfect size for our hood.

I hate it when ppl get it three times that size, it just looks foolish that way. :freak:
Yeah, thats sweet, exactly what im trying to do, what car was that badge on originally?
I need to find one in a parking lot...
if you go to the wreckers you an find the JDM "diamond" style emblem on some of the older 626 or millenias or something .. all i know is i found and grabbed liek three ... rough shape but eaasy enough to refinish..
what size or which car is the winged emblem from? on the picture above.the emblem is the only thing about my car i don't like and would like to put the wing on my 94 mx-6 Please help thanks
Thats a very nice clean blue, oh and the logo looks good, but small.
duct tape!
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