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Mazdaspeed mx6 exhaust FS

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Would anyone like to purchase a genuine mazdaspeed mx6 exhaust? lol found this on yahoo auctions japan, only at like 60 bucks usd right now. Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó - ¥Þ¥Ä¥À¥¹¥Ô¡¼¥É¡¡MX-6/MS-6/¥¯¥í¥Î¥¹¡¡GE·ÏÍѥޥե顼

Come on karma for this one!!!!
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is that what kid puma had and everyone gave him bullshit for?
Ya i think he has one, the only person on here i know who has one at this point, good for anyone doing a full mazdaspeed conversion, especially since Lambera is reproducing some parts.
its cool that its a MS, but i bet its shit because its so old
Isn't it the same exhaust as the 2001-2003 MS Protege? That's what I've heard, and was planning on running. At least for the cat-back.

Don't have the money to get that exhaust, and I wouldn't really wanna buy a used exhaust, even if it is MS... :tdown:
That auction has been on there for WEEKS now .. I dont know why they keep relisting it .. As for KP .. He only has the muffler ..

As mentioned Id worry about how old this exhaust is and the fact that many of the MS Mx6's you can find online seem to be 2.0's So Id wonder about the size of the piping and all .. I thought about buying that exhaust when i seen someone else post about it on here nearly a month ago .. But the shipping (even though the exhaust is only $60) would be $3-400 easy !!! Not to mention the 3rd party fees ..

I have an MS Mx6 nd I treat it like if I bought it stock .. i would change something here and there .. Like the exhaust would deff get changed !! LOL .. and I have M-edition tails instead of JDM .. and I have the camaro rear to complement the sides .. So its MS but its MY MS ;)
Id boost the plaque off it and sell the rest, then buy a new exhaust similiar to the ms one and put the plaque on that one, write it off as ms and be done lol.
Someone finally get to the yahoo auction site, they have a lot of JDM MX-6 parts, one guy is selling a MS spoiler for 50 bux. I've been trying to contact a few sellers over there for months, but they never respond to my email :tdown:
Most of them will not ship international .. So you have to go through a 3rd party to but it and they will have the item shipped to them and then they will ship it to you .. You can get some good deals buying the parts but shipping still rapes you royally .. anything the size of that exhaust would prolly be around $400 to ship and like $300 for the spoiler .. (these are guess but I feel they are close to accurate)
Anyone knows size of the tip? If i find it good, that will be 3''?

That muffler of course:
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