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Hello Everyone,

We would just like to thank everyone first and foremost for another already incredible year. MBX has continued to grow more and more each year and only because of customers like you. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know about our latest service in Powdercoating. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the coating and process, please allow us to explain below:


Powder coating is the process of coating a surface in which a powder material is applied using an electrostatic or compressed air method. The applied powder is then heated (cured) to its melting point, after which it flows to form a smooth film which dries to a firm, durable finish very resistent to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust.


The unique application characteristics of powder coatings provide superior consistency and uniformity of finish without sags, drips, runs, or bubbles. They provide extremely tough, durable films, enhancing the high quality, value-added image of consumer products. In general, the performance properties, such as impact resistance, flexibility, and corrosion resistance, of powder coatings are better than with liquid paints. Powder coated parts resist cracking, peeling, and marring during handling and normal service use. In many cases, merchandise is specifically being advertised as "POWDER COATED" because of the quality image it projects.

If you would like to have any items Powdercoated such as Intake Manifolds, Valve Covers, Throttle Bodies, Fuel Rails, Alternators, Rims, Brake Calipers, Metal Brackets, Fan Shrouds, Door Sills or anything you can think of powdercoating, please ask us for a quote!

We will take your part and sandblast it, pass it through our parts rinser, powdercoat and bake it leaving an incredible durable show finish.

We can also fill any missing metal from your item ie: Wheels that are knicked or curbed can be filled and then coated!

Here is a partial list of Powders we have:

Standard Colors Most Applications

Glosses: Clear 85% Gloss, Semi-Clear 50%, Satin Clear 15%
Off White
Appliance White
Bright Yellow
Ford Light Blue
Navy Blue
Ford Dark Blue
Lime Green
Medium Green
J.D. Green (Darker)
Dark Green (Even Darker)
Orange Yellow
Chevy Orange
Bright Red
Red Wagon
Ruby Red
MG Maroon
Dark Purple
Midnight Blue Wrinkle
Machine Gray
Dark Gray
Satin Black
Semi-Gloss Black
High Gloss Black
Black Wrinkle

Textured Colors Excellent for hiding surface light to moderate surface pitting

Gold Vein
Copper Vein
Silver Vein (Very Popular)
Slate Web
Ivory Stucco
Silver Sparkle

Specialty Colors *For Maximum effect, use over Chrome, polished metal

Black Tint
Stamped Steel
Rally Wheel Silver
Argent Silver Base ** Topcoated with clear
Cast Iron
Chrome Smoke** Topcoated with clear
Red Wrinkle
Arch Bronze
Anodized: Red , Blue*
Translucents: Violet, Green, Gold, Grape*
Candy Orange*
Jeans Metallic
Metallics Purple, Bronze, Gray, Sungold and Copper

Mirror Colors Super High Gloss, these powders cure to an almost ceramic like finish with minimal orange peel. For best results, this should be used on smooth unpitted surfaces

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black

High Temp Powders Headers and Exhaust Manifolds etc.

Satin Black
Stainless Steel
Factory Gray

Super Hi-Tech/Iridescent Colors

Cast Aluminum
Reflective Chrome (Sweet Color) * Topcoated with clear
Super Gloss Clear 95% Gloss
Iridescents: Amber, Indigo, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Emerald
Black Stardust
Blue Stardust

Custom Prism Effects Chamelion Effect

Fine particles reflect light in different colors as your viewing position changes.
This can be used on all colors, but looks best with Dark colors....

There ya go, have fun with those FEW
choices.....<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank You,
Mike Baxter
MBXmotorsports, Inc.
[email protected]

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Sweet man thanks, do you sell powder coated objects or just coat them cause I am looking for another valve cover to powder coat blue but I am having no luck.

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Mazdaman92 said:
Sweet man thanks, do you sell powder coated objects or just coat them cause I am looking for another valve cover to powder coat blue but I am having no luck.
We have cores to use and you can send us your VC after receiving the new one :tup:

Also, any billet item we have on our website, we can powdercoat before shipping ;)
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