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MBX Oil Filter Relocation Kits in Stock!! Not spin on, True Relocation ;)

We now have in stock our new oil filter housing block off plates with two -8an threaded ports for inlet and outlet for replacing the stock oil filter housing units on the KLO3 and KLZE engines. This will allow for relocating your stock oil filter housing for turbo and supercharged applications, or for just utilizing a larger oil filter.

Our relocation kits will go hand in hand with our block off plates. Please look for these to be released soon. Each new oil filter relocation kit will consist of the following:

MBX Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing block off plate
Aeroquip fittings and braided stainless lines
new oil filter housing unit which will also have several ports for your oil filter sending units, oil cooler taps, gauge tap or for running your oil feed for turbo or supercharger.

Pics of the billet block off plate with tapered threads:

We have many new products that will be released, stay tuned!

PS Our MBX Oil Filter Block off Plates are in stock and ready to ship! Each billet block off plate comes with the Ford Factory OEM Gasket and are now priced at $42.50 Shipped :smokin:

Orders can be made by sending in the total amount above made payable to [email protected] (please include note of your purchase item) and we will get these right out to you! Our full oil filter relocation kits will be released soon!

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93-97 Ford Probe/Mazda 2nd Gen Section

Title: MBX Ultimate Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Description: MBX Ultimate Oil Filter Relocation Kit was designed to replace your stock oil filter housing for those who are running custom supercharged and turboed applications where the stock oil filter housing is in the way. We have custom machined a billet block off plate to mount in place of your old oil filter housing to allow you to relocate a new oil filter housing unit. Kit allows for greater oil capacity, cooler oil temps and added filtration protection. Please contact us if you need oil feed lines for your turbo or supercharger and we can supply the fittings and custom oil feed lines for you. This is not a spin on kit!

Kit Includes:

6.5 Feet of -8an Aeroquip Stainless Braided Line
3 Straight Aeroquip Male fittings
1 Straight Aeroquip Male fittings with 1/8 NPT Port
4 Aeroquip Re-useable Swivel Hose End Fittings
1 MBX Oil Filter Block off Plate
1 Factory OEM Oil Filter Housing Gasket
1 Perma Cool Oil Filter Housing Unit
1 Fram PH8A or Equivalent Oil Filter
3 Mounting Screws

Price is $149 Shipped in the US

You can send payment by simply clicking here:[email protected]

Thank You,
Mike Baxter
MBX Motorsports, Inc.

Pictures of the complete kit are available by e-mail at this time!
[email protected]
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