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Hey Malmac.
Whats the go with the MCCA? Is it still going? havent heard any news lately

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Thank you for your enquiry.
Yes the Club is still going and in existence. We have been rather quite of late due to a number of factors that have been outside our control. A number of very key people for different reasons have had to curb their activities and as these people were the most active of members the club has suffered accordingly.
We are in the process of trying to rebuild with most committee positions being vacant and requiring personnel to fill them and help in general. Any help that any of your people wish to give will be much appreciated.
Club wise we are running a drive day next Sunday 16th Nov, we will also try & do an end of year bar be que, probably ay my place and we want to do another DECA driver training day up in Shepparton maybe March /April 2004.
We have plenty of avenues to attack but with only a handful of persons willing to help this becomes difficult.
No doubt you already know that scenario.
In the past we had been trying to chanel info to you guys through Barry but for whatever reason it doesn't appear as though this was very successful. So my apologies to you all for the lack of info that has been missing.
As more info and activities come to habd I will pass them on direct to you for distribution.
I am not an expert in these computers so some help as to how I can email you direct would be appreciated.
You most likely have my email, but for anybody who wants it is as follows: [email protected]
Hope to hear from you Regards Mal
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