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Had a bit of a street race tonight...
Was a bit bored at about 1:30 am so i decided to take the scenic route on the way home from my girlfriends house...

At the end, i happend to get along side a nice nifty 2k Mustang, i dont know about engine size, or what not, as it was 2 am when i ran into this guy...

as stupid as this may sound, we did the whole "i can accelerate more than you can" thing along a 4 lane rd, heading southbound.

We must have been running at high 90's, possibly into the 100's (yeah, i know stupid to do, but hey... boys with toys...)

unfortunatly, the stoplights werent playing our game, and by the time we finally got to a red, i was almost out of the damned town, so i had to call it off, as much as i hated too...

I wonder how he would have felt if he knew it was an '88 keeping up and out accelerating his brand new mustang...

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