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Meets in SW Ontario

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Do we ever have any meets in the sw ontario region at all? if not ..Y?! lol i would be cool to chek ppls rides in person and meet a few faces...
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we do the dave & busters meet once a year i believe off the 400hwy. i didn't go last meet no time.. wait till next years meet either i keep my 6 & turbo her or by then i have my S2k with 600hp haha..
yea im thinkin of doin a 2j winter project myself... but once a yr thats it? lol how many rides showd up?when was it?
what do you mean 2j? 2jz swap into your mx6 ?? you better have big pockets.. what i ment by s2k is honda S2000 i dont know where you got 2j from ? lol.. umm it all depands who shows @ this meet it's usally a pretty big meet it's the famous D&B meet
yea i was readin sumwhere..u mentioned doin a 2j in ur s2k...i dno waht the 2j is goin in myself..but yea..wheres the meet held
dave & busters off hwy. 400 not sure when the date is held but that's where most of the big meets have been held. & you want 2 put 2jz into an mx6? like i said your going 2 have big pockets 2 do that mod..
i dont really understand what your saying buddy slow down & type properly? yes i mentioned in another thread i wanted 2 put in a 2jz into an S2000 + boost. you might want 2 do your homework about putting 2jz into an mx6 i heard of 1 person on the boards doing a 2jz swap & alot of fab. work needs 2 be delt with.
no no...i havent decided wat its goin into..."i dno waht the 2j is goin in myself" ...its def not an mx6 thats for sure... gotta be rwd
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