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90% of this stuff Has to go.
If I dont find homes for it by the end of March I will start tossing stuff into the trash.
All Prices that are listed are based off the size and weight of the part and the average amount it would cost it to ship in the US.

Heres the deal:
The more stuff you buy, the cheaper and faster your going to get it. I will combine shipping for multiple items, and will even give a better deal on the final price for whatever your buying.
Why Faster? Getting rid of more stuff and making a bit more $ alwase gives me more motivation to get it out and shipped the next day.

The Free stuff
Anything I listed as FREE, means im selling it for no profit. However Im not going to out of my way (or spend my money) to send something for free. If you want something thats free you will be paying shipping and a little extra towards my time and gas to do it OR buy some other parts and I will toss whatever is free in with the deal.. if it fits in the box of parts bought.

I know everything about anything I listed. I will test and further examine (take better pictures) and give detailed info if requested. Im not out to screw anyone over with bad parts, id rather toss the stuff in the trash then make a few bucks to someones disadvantage.

Payment and Shipping
  • I accept Paypal Payments, My prices are based off paypal fee's as well.
  • I will also accept money orders. PM me for either payment method
  • I will be shipping small and medium sized items via USPS Parcel Post, Some items will go Priority depending on what they are. Everything over $20 gets a confirmation number.
  • Medium to large items will go FEDEX ground, with a tracking number.
  • All Prices are based on shipping in the US only. Canada Shipping will need be extra.
On to the parts:
If you dont like the prices, Make me an offer, Make me a Deal! Ill make you a deal!

Engine bay

  1. Complete A/C Kit (condenser, evaporator, all lines)-------make offer or $20.00 shipped each part
  2. Complete A/C Kit (condenser, evaporator, all lines)-------make offer or $20.00 shipped each part
  3. Brake booster $50.00 Shipped Sale/Picture498.jpg
  4. Gas pedal $25.00 Shipped Sale/Picture472.jpg
  5. Clutch slave $20.00 Shipped Sale/Picture476.jpg
  6. Front v6 mazda Valve Cover --make offer
  7. Rear v6 Valve Cover --make offer Sale/P1010021.jpg
  8. Coolant Reservoir -----make offer Sale/Picture467.jpg
  9. Coolant Reservoir ----make offer Sale/Picture467.jpg
  10. Windshield reservoir --make offer Sale/Picture087.jpg
  11. Good Oil Dip Stick $27.00 shipped each
  1. Front bumper -----make offer
  2. Front bumper support -----make offer
  3. Rear bumper -----make offer
  4. Hood Latch Assembly ----make offer Sale/Picture097.jpg
  5. Hood hinges $20.00 shipped Sale/Picture492.jpg
  6. Hood release cable $15.00 Shipped Sale/Picture470.jpg
  7. Hood release mount $30.00 Shipped Sale/Picture478.jpg
  8. Trunk hinges $20.00 Shipped Sale/Picture477.jpg
  9. Trunk release cable $20.00 Shipped
  10. Mx6 Rear Spoiler, green with working LED light -----make offer
  11. Triangle Mirror Door Trim $15.00 Shipped
  12. Left or Right Inner Fender Splash sheild $30.00 shipped each Sale/Picture497.jpg
  13. GOOD Plastic Hood Prop Holder-------free Sale/Picture096.jpg
  14. Black Hood Prop----make offer
  15. Rubber Hood Adjusters-----free Sale/Picture093-1.jpg
  16. GOOD Aspec head light Plastic Mounting peices---FREE Sale/Picture095.jpg
  17. LEFT AND RIGHT GREEN Door Handles (with keys) -------$50.00 Shipped Sale/Picture092-1.jpg
  1. Strut tower caps $10.00 Shipped Sale/Picture1398.jpg
  2. Front Sway Bar---make offer
  3. Rear Sway Bar ----make offer
  4. Front Strut Assembly’s (2) ---make offer
  5. Rear Strut Assembly’s (2) ---make offer
  6. Front Hubs (2)---make offer
  7. Rear Hubs (2) ---make offer
Electrical Lighting
  1. Remote Switch Kit $20.00 Shipped

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Electrical Interior
  1. Passenger Air Bag $35.00 Shipped
  2. AIR BAG Control unit $10.00 Shipped
  3. Flasher Relay $10.00 Shipped Sale/Picture480.jpg
  4. Fuse Box $20.00 Shipped Sale/Picture475.jpg
  5. Misc Box $15.00 shipped Sale/Picture474.jpg
  6. Fog Light Switch $10.00 Shipped
  7. Dimmer Light Switch $10.00 Shipped
  8. Mirror Switch $10.00 Shipped Sale/partout/Picture749.jpg
  9. Hazard Light Switch $10.00 Shipped
  10. Wiper Delay Switch $30.00 Shipped
  11. Rear Window Defrost Switch $10.00 Shipped
  12. Climate Control $20.00 Shipped
  13. Passenger Side Window motor $30.00 shipped Sale/windowmotor.jpg
  14. Drivers Side Window Motor $30.00 Shipped Sale/partout/Picture742.jpg
  15. Passenger Side Window Motor $30.00 Shipped Sale/partout/Picture742.jpg
  16. Passenger Window Switch----make offer Sale/Picture104.jpg
  1. AC side of the Air box----make offer Sale/Picture463.jpg
  2. Heater side of the air box--make offer Sale/Picture462.jpg
  3. Passenger Air Bag-- $30.00 shipped Sale/Picture464.jpg
  4. Rear seat trunk latch buttons--- $18.00 shipped
  5. Rear tan seat belts (both) $25.00 shipped
  6. Full Steering wheel assembly(good air bag)---make offer Sale/Picture465.jpg
  7. Dash trim (painted green) $40.00 Shipped Sale/Picture743.jpg
  8. Lower Dash Trim (painted green) $25.00 Shipped
  9. Rear Black Floor Mats, Average ----FREE + Shipping Sale/P1010058.jpg
  10. Steering Wheel Trim-----make offer Sale/Picture098-1.jpg
  11. Drivers Side Door Latch Mechanism ---make offer Sale/Picture088.jpg
Electrical mechanical

  1. 94 v6 with mtx Engine Wire harness $30.00 Shipped Sale/Picture496.jpg
  2. Wiper Motor $20.00 Shipped Sale/march07/Picture406.jpg
  3. Wiper Motor $20.00 Shipped Sale/march07/Picture407.jpg
  4. Wiper Motor $20.00 Shipped
  5. Power seat motors $20.00 Shipped
  6. Blower fan motor $20.00 Shipped Sale/Picture461.jpg
  7. Sun roof motor $18.00 Shipped Sale/Picture491.jpg
  8. KL03 VAF $25.00 shipped Sale/Picture740.jpg
  9. Large Radiator Fan-----make offer Sale/march07/Picture443.jpg
  10. Large Radiator Fan-----make offer
  11. Small Radiator Fan -----make offer
  12. Fuel Pressure Regulator Solenoid $20.00 Shipped Sale/march07/Picture412.jpg
  13. 36- KL03 Injectors----make offer
  14. Headlight Relay Assembly $15.00 Shipped Sale/Picture091-1.jpg

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  1. Front motor mount $25.00 Shipped
  2. 90k Passenger motor mount $25.00 Shipped Sale/Picture331.jpg
  3. 150k Passenger motor mount $20.00 Shipped
  4. Trans motor mount $30.00 Shipped Sale/Picture490.jpg
  5. Power steering pump $30.00 Shipped
  6. 90k alternator $35.00 Shipped Sale/moresale/P1010065.jpg
  7. Accessory belt tensioner (alternator/A/C) $26.00 Shipped Sale/Picture110.jpg
  8. Accessory belt tensioner (power steering/water pump) $26.00 Shipped
  9. Coolant Air Separator Tank w/ hoses $30.00 Shipped
  10. Stock Crank Pulley $25.00 shipped
  11. VRIS Actuators $15.00 Shipped per pair Sale/march07/Picture403.jpg
  12. VRIS Actuators $15.00 Shipped per pair Sale/march07/Picture404.jpg
  13. Stock Fuel Pressure Regulator $10.00 Shipped Sale/Picture177.jpg
  14. 6-VRIS Solenoids $10.00 Shipped Each Sale/Picture100.jpg
  15. 3-CC purge solenoids $8.00 Shipped each Sale/Picture100.jpg
  16. EGR Purge Solenoid $10.00 Shipped Sale/Picture100.jpg
  1. 90k Exhaust Y Pipe $25.00 + Actual Shipping Sale/Picture334.jpg
  2. Exhaust Y pipe with out flex pipe $15.00 + Actual shipping Sale/Picture466.jpg
  3. Exhaust Y Collector Flanges $20.00 shipped items/Picture1608.jpg
  4. Gutted Stock Catalyst converter $40.00 shipped
  5. Short Test pipe with Wideband bung $15.00 shipped
  6. K6F custom resonated muffler 2.5 in and out $50.00 shipped
  7. Stock V6 Piping with Resonator Sale/Picture085.jpg
  1. RCA Splitter cables -----FREE Sale/P1010068.jpg
  2. Tenzo R Blue Seat Belt Pads --------FREE Sale/pads.jpg
  3. PROFORM shift light, adjustable quick mount, setup for a KL03---- $40.00 shipped
  4. DSM motors Oil Fill Cap -------FREE
  5. DSM Dyna Pak Clutch Kit, New -----FREE
  6. Honda Front Struts----FREE Sale/moresale/P1010013.jpg
  1. 3in Triple Stiched Couplers , air or coolant(150psi rating) $8.00 Shipped Each or $5.00 each + actual shipping
  2. 2.0 Steel Intercooler pipes (from columbia river) $30.00 shipped
  3. 2.0 Triple stiched couplers and 2.5 triple stiched couplers $8.00 Shipped each
    1. Jenson 460 amp, used for 1 month (like new),-----make offer
    2. Pioneer CD player (works good)------make offer
    3. Kenwood Speakers ------make offer [URL=""] Sale/partout/Picture758.jpg[/URL]
    fittings range from 4an to 6an. from 1/8npt to 1/4npt. They are aluminum and anodized ----make offer Sale/Picture022.jpg Sale/Picture025.jpg Sale/Picture023.jpg Sale/Picture026.jpg Sale/Picture024.jpg

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how about $25 shipped for the rear valve cover? also, how big are the front and rear sway bars? or are they stock?

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hey king. condenser and evaporator shipped to 07305. working?

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thanks dude.

one more thing. do you have anymore of those radiator end plates and do you do fan shroud covers? lemme know...

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Josey, i'm in maplewood (07040), you wanna get everything shipped in one big package to save on shipping? I can paypal you the money for mine and pick it up when it gets there

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yeah i dont mind. youre not far from me at all so i can even meet somewhere. how far are you from menlo park mall? i go there on a semi normal basis...

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I'm interested in the traction bars, the mud guards and possibly one of the strut tower bars. I might need some other little things as well like a new passenger window switch and a cruise control module. Do you have any random nitrous feed lines laying around or anything I could use as one? Get back to me King. By the time I'm done with this car, it's going to have more parts from you on it then parts that I bought from a vendor :)

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Sorry,Tbars are gone. they got snatched up quick.

I got everything else, I dont have any nitrous using the ones I have. ;)

Let me know what you want, let me know what you need, If its not on the list ill see if I got it on the car yet, Ill set you up with a good deal.

one more thing. do you have anymore of those radiator end plates and do you do fan shroud covers?
I do have a set of rad hooks yet, $20 shipped (they are a brushed finish) I never made fan shrouds.

where in mn are you? i'm interested in a couple things. and would you be willing to allow local pickup?
Depends on what you want, it would probaly be cheaper/easier just to send it to you. If its big (like a bumper cover) I can bring it to work and you can pick it up from me there.

I havent had a chance to get shipped prices car was broke down the past 2 days so I was pretty straped for time. I have no problem shipping it together.. thats less box's I have to carry into the post office.:tup:

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hey king. ill be taking everything in one shot, including that condenser. also, i think me and a whitenoyz'll be sharing a box so yeah. just quote us on the shipping then. thanks man.

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Ok King, I guess I'll just take the mud guards then. Shoot me a PM.

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AC parts

what comes with the ac parts your selling? Lines, condenser, compresser, fan. Looking for every thing ac in the engine bay. And how much would the price be shipped to Canada postal code A1X 7N8.
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