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MegaSquirt Question

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I have a 93 mx6 4 cylinder...I am almost finished my MS system but I'm trying to figure out which Distributorless system i have. So does anyone know which one it is, EDIS, TFI, Bosche, or coil controlled....Or w/e else it could be...My book doesnt tell me and thats all i have left to do
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You would have 'none of the above'

Doesn't it have a distributer now ?

You would need to mount a 36-1 ford wheel on the crank and use a wasted spark setup. I have a 93 FS with a blown distributer and am going to do the same.
yeah im stupid it does have one i thought it was just a coil back but i see the gear below the oil cap that it runs off of the MS system would work better if i had the 36-1 ford wheel though
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