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I wanted to see how many Mi members are on here and what you drive and what mods you have.
I am Don
93 mx6 4cyl w/ a few mods
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There is already a sticky at the top for all Great Lakes region on this.
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Why not leave it be? Most of those are from years ago...

Jacob R
Flint, MI
1987 Formula 389
1992 MX6 Turbo (Project)
My MX-6 is long gone. Died at 257,xxx.
I have a 1990 mazda 626 n/a and i blew the tranny out so this summer i got a 1988 mazda 626 with turbo and manual tranny because i hate automatics...its been a nice car...took it to Martin racetrack and i ran a 15.2 @ 93 mph and that was at 10 psi on stock turbo, but i live in Gull Lake, Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area
Drew C.
Suttons Bay, MI
1988 MX-6 Turbo BOne Stock
Yo mamas,,,
Chris - Kalamazoo - 95 MX-6 LS MTX

Stock for now
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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