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This isnt an Mx6 kill, but Im a 6 driver so I thought I would put it anyways! I have 2 jobs, one of them is a delivery guy for Shoppers Drug Mart in London Ontario. The trucks we drive are 2001 GMC sonoma's. These trucks are preety peppy for domestics. Anyways so Im sittingg at the stop light @ HIghbury and Cheapside and what do I see.........a sweet ass miata pull up next to me ( I think a 91-95 maybe?) Im sittin in the truck so wishing i was in my six, but i wasnt and i had to make due. so i move up a lil bit and he notices and gives me the nod............light turns green i step on that peddle so hard i could already smell the engine, i noticed im keeping up with him thinking holy shit does he really know how to as soon as he shift in to 4th (i think) he squaks his tires and just flies and leaves me in the dust. I catch up with him at the next set of lights but he was turning right. Tell me something are miata's slow until they shift up to 4th or was he a bad driver? Cause I couldnt believe that peice of junk truck kept up?
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