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I've done it again, bought myself another Mx6, clearly my last one didn't teach me any good lessons lol ;)

Anyway, the car is absolutely off tap - but Jesus Christ, it desperately needs a tune. I do have a hand controller with it, yet it's an LTS model hand controller (not sure if that affects anything as it has an older Microtech MT-8 ECU (1997/98) in it).
I can't use the hand controller to save my life so i'm wondering if there is still anyone even tuning these ECU's here in Queensland, Australia?

Any help would seriously be appreciated.

I've also noticed on Idle, the AFR's displayed are at 17.5 :/
The car has no O2 sensor at all that I can see... Not sure if this is going to be a huge problem too.

Cheers Guys.
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