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94mx-6 said:
Ok I had asked you earlier about the NE1 Sensor reading and I got the part and replaced it but I was still getting the error code, and no start.

Then I read what you had posted about the timing belt etc. I took the cap off of the disty and watched to see if the rotor would move when you try to start. It didn't. So then I thought well maybe the timing belt. I took off the top two bolts on the front valve cover part of the timing belt cover and looked down at the timing belt. It was still on there. Then I had my brother try to bump it while I watched to see if it moved; nothing. Now I'm really confused. Is it my cam? I thought you said something about that at one point but I don't remember.
If the engine is cranking, the timing belt is intact but the distributor rotor isn't turning, one of these might be at fault:

- the exhaust camshaft on the front bank is broken somewhere along its length
- the tabs on the end of the distributor shaft that engage that camshaft are broken or the distributor shaft itself has snapped.

As odd as it sounds, my money is on the camshaft. The front valve cover is a snap to remove...take it off ans repeat the cranking test to check the cam.

Camshaft breakages are rare but they do happen in the KL.

Oh, and I do have a KLZE that I haven't put in yet so should I just wait and not fix it and do the engine swap. Also should I keep the rebuilt disty that I just bought I would it be ok to return it? Thanks in advance...
If your original disty is okay, I say return it. The place you bought the rebuilt one from may have other ideas. Generally, electrical items are notoriously tough to return because it's easy to hurt them if your cars electrics are buggered up.
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