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Millenia S injectors in KL rails

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SOLD!!! Millenia S injectors in KL rails SOLD!!!

Millenia S injectors with good filter baskets & pintle caps installed in KL rails. comes with the millenia S FPR loosely fitted :p ready to install! asking $130 shipped SOLD!!!!!!!

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Do you know if the Bp rail/injectors fits onto a Fe3 engines manifold?

Sorry to spam

you must modify the FE3 rail to fit BP/RX7/other same common size injectors. the BP rail does not work to my knowledge. furthermore please post in the correct section
110 shipped? :p

Actually I do have a question, all the injectors work, were there any flow issues with them or were they just used and you swapped them over?
$130 shipped?

i never got a chance to install these injectors, I cleaned up the rails inspected the injectors/parts & replaced the filterbaskets & pintle caps with good ones.

I've scrapped my plans for boosting the mx3 & plan to stick to an NA KL. so i won't be using them

Hmm I will def consider this. Let me think for a day or two I will be running MS with a set of built heads and a KLZE bottom end along with other changes... I need to be sure of what fuel I might need to go into the 9000 rpms like I want too...
sounds good just let me know :)
$125?? anyone interested?
Hey I get my refund from the ECU core I had to pay for my Firebird Tune. If you can hold out I think I should get it this week or so. I will take them after that.
Yes but the refund on my ECU Tune Core seems to be taking longer then I thought... he said it may be friday before I see it.
cross, please let me know the situation. I got a PM today in regards to these but you have first dibs still lles you tell me otherwise.
Dangit, I was hoping they'd still be available once I get my new engine... :tdown:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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