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I know there has been some talk about this- but I wanted to be more specific.

are all miro 346's the same 74.1 bore? i noticed that all modbargains sells is 74.1's and includes hubcentric rings...

i am looking to buy a used set of 346's and the guy knows nothing about them. if i knew that all miros were 74.1, that'd be great!

this is what he told me, even though i don't know if its actually
the kicker is he has them on a 545i! i want them on a 98 528i.
Bolt pattern :5 x 4.72 or 5 x 120
width : 8.5 front and 9.5 rear
offset :15 and 20
Diameter :19 Incs

thanks for all help.
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