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There is dvd called mischief 3000 and its basically a cannonball run from new york to los angeles...all rich dudes with lambos ferraris porsches, u name it just going crazy on the freeways .

One dude got booked 12 times in 2 days!! One guys top speed was 290 k/ph !!!

Anyway, there is some footage from australia on there with HQ's, commos, 200sx's doing burnouts was some funny s*%t!!

Getting to the point, there was a track where they had a drifting competition and there was this red mx6 on there!! was funny watching him mixing it up trying to get his ass sliding! but we made it on the vid!!

its a crazy vid with guys thrashing the crap out of their cars..thats how those monster cars should be driven dammit!!

the only strange part was a new 360 modena had all the paint come off his front bar revealing the aluminium underneath...all those bug guts took their toll..damn, spend 250k and the paint comes off!!!! he didnt care though!

thats all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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