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missing bold in the intake manifold?!

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So I recently bought this 6 my second car :tup:

the engine was weird at first so I got the block replaced
its fine now except there was an air leak somewhere killing the car at idle and I think theres a bolt missing from the manifold and a gasket has moved down im not really sure of myself though cause im a rookie at fixing cars and ive only took one automotive course in school

here are some pics i took from where i think the bolt is missing

this is just a faraway shot to show where it is

this is just a bad picture with all the tubes in the way you can start to see bolt holes for a bracket on the motor

this is straight down you can see the black gasket straight down the hole on the left I have no idea what its for theres another two on the side,the top one I just took a bracket of off to get to the other hole thats right under it and under that was a gasket

any ideas of how to fix this? I cant get the gasket to move at all and if I did I dont want to throw any bolt into that hole and hope it works
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In your last picture ...

the hole facing us, is nothing and is blanked.

The top one of the side holes is as you mention the engine hoist hook bracket

The one below it, is for the fuel pipes to bolt too.. in that last picture you can see the metal fuel pipe coming straight at you... follow it to the hole.. you will find a flat bracket waiting to be bolted on.

Going back to the first picture.. your TPS has a bolt missing also.

so the screw in the TPS I just took off last night and forgot to put back on its now on thanks

so the pipe outlined in red is the metal fuel pipe?
and the blue is the flat bracket thats should be over that hole?
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yessssssss so i just have to move that bracket up to the hole and bolt it on?
any special type of bolt or anything cause i think the bolt that went in that hole,the guys who put the block in used it that lift bracket and i have it,and it was what i planned to put in there
yep same type of 12mm bolt :tup:

Also.. if the TPS has been removed, have you set it back up again properly ?

I never took it all the way off I was going to the other day to get down deeper in there but I didnt I just took that top screw out and forgot to put it back in I guess
well that bracket is under the hole and doesnt move at all so im not sure what to do now
any ideas?

can someone post pics of their engine for me?
In which case the metal fuel pipes must have been a little bent when being fitted. Leave alone if you are happy, these types of pipes have a habbit of splitting if bent around to much.

eh i was hoping i could fix it it makes the engine idle really low and sometimes it kills it it wouldnt be a big problem with a manual cause i could just hold the clutch at lights and rev it but since its auto i have to put it in park :[
the only thing i can think of is buying a bolt to put in it and hope it stops the air enough
those bolt holes will not be letting in any air, they are going into the cylinder head ... if you think you have a vacuum leak then you need to look elsewhere buddy. Typical pipe left off on an engine install is the rear rocker cover breather pipe.

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