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MN Mall of America MX6/Probe Meet. 10/25/08

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So the local MN Probe/MX6 club is having a fairly large meet at the Mall of America here on 0ctober 25th. Anyone is welcome to show up, as usual. :)

Normally how these go is we meet up, argue and debate for a half hour on where to eat at in the mall while we check out the cars and walk around the mall, then after we eat we might head over to someone's house to have a party or whatnot for a little while.:jump:

Details in here:
MoA meet. 10/25 - Page 2 - MNPOC Bulletin Board

Basics are:

Where: Mall of America, Bloomington MN. Top level of East Ramp
When: 10/25/08. saturday. Looks like it will be at 12noon.
WHo: Anyone who wants to show up. Just let me know a little ahead of time so I can get reservations at the restaraunt.
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I'll be there with my close to stock mx6 lol. Still have my illinois plates so maybe people will think im dedicated and drove from illinois lol.

P.S. Anthrax1202 you know you want to go to this lol. I need a fellow iowan up there.
I dont think this is going to get many hits in the MW forum. I troll every day nad I NEVER look here besides defiler link in the lounge :)
I know, nobody ever looks in here:jump:

I get one or 2 people each year that respond to the post, but none ever end up showing up:(

this should be interesting... prepare to meet christian, the only person I know who actually uses the terms "Fail", "for the win" and "For the loss" in his normal vocabulary":lol:
I use them ocassionally. My friends make fun of me because when I get real drunk I start using pirate talk :)
I just piss people off and constantly correct grammar:p
pics from last year?
Hrmm... let me see if I can dig some up... I know I have them, but my Supermotors page is a clusterfuck...
Found some...

Fuckin Sentra got in the middle of our parking section:lol:

There were a ton of pics and cars, but I never got them uploaded it appears... we had a good 15 cars there...

Ill have to remember to bring my good camera with this year...
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Weekly bump, even though nobody will show anyways:jump::lol:
sounds like fun but with my bad paint on my car and with its bad tires, and exploded battery i don't think i want to shame myself in a crowd of laughter. But i do have poly mounts FTW!!!!
I can guarantee you that you would not have the worst car there if you showed up.:tup::lol:

Looks like its going to be closer to 25 people....
i'll also add that i'm a wuss and don't want to drive to MN myself. I"ll wait another group meet nearby. Besides that way i can roll with a few members around here.
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