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Okay, it's about 10ish. I had just strapped on my buddy's air lid and filter along with MAF to try for the night before I buy my own. Me and some friends decide to get a few friends together and have a lil bit of racing action.
Well, as the night progresses, a new silver Mustang GT pulls in revving. HAH! He pops his hood for all to see and I see that he has CAI, and pulleys. I also find out that he has new mufflers put in. Big deal... He offers to race me so we line em up. Flagman drops his arms and I just started PULLING. By the end of the street I had about 2 1/2 cars on him.
Well, we pull back into the parking lot where all the cars where and he's already bitching that he lost and that there was "No way I could pull on him that bad!" Sore loser!
Well, about 5 minutes later I hear all the friends of the GT owner telling him that this guy with his Talon TSi wants to run me and is gonna get revenge for the guy with the GT.
Supposedly the DSM is running LOW 13's maybe high 12's but is in dire need of a new intercooler.
Well, we line em up, flagman drops his arms and he jumps out ahead about 1/4 car (When you have AWD, of course you'll take the launch). As soon I hit 2nd, I started reeling him in slowly. By the end of the street, he was about a foot behind my bumber.
We turn around and cruise into the parking lot. I told my friends that I won.
The guy with the GT and a few of his friends start b*tchin and claim I am spraying! HAHA! So, I told em to follow me to my car. I popped my hood and showed em all I had was a BORROWED lid. The look on their face was PRICELESS!
Anyways, I congratulated the DSM owner on a good run and soon left.

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Good kill! :smokin: It's great to have an F-body owner who doesn't trash all Jp cars as poseur rice. I assume the Talon had been tweaked to get it into the high 12s / low 13s... did you ask/discern any?
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