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I am very interested in kill stories, horsepower info,, and any other info people have done to their 1st gen MX6 GT Turbo's.. I have many fun stories about mine and would love to share them with other's who have similar stories..I have also noticed I really enjoy going out like once a week and just driving the MX6 for the pure pleasure of the TORQUE ,, with the boost turned up it's a fun car...

I have DOWNPIPE, no cat, intake, boost, G-Force chip, upperintercooler pipe kit(HKS) and the EGR valve modded to not let any heat into the intake's pretty nice..I'm running between 18-24lbs on the STOCK PIECE O crap turbo.. IHI,, i have blown this turbo once running unlimited boost,, no vacuum line on the wastegate, but it ran for 1 year like this will very little oil seeping into the intake...then one day it just blew in floored 5th gear on the freeway,, since fifth is the only gear that i can hit a tremendous 24psi and lift the head off the motor...My question is even though it hits so high on the freeway and accelerates so well.. doesn't that really screw up the motor,, i have not had any probs yet with valves or motor or anything.. 2 years of obsurd abuse,,

One more thing, when i blew the turbo,, the exhaust housing was all melted inside and cracked....that puney little IHI is a crappy turbo but it put up with pure HELL for over a year of unregulated boost...!!!!

I am rambling now..

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