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Just checking out the modifications to all the other MX6's, so I thought that I would post my own modifications. So here we go...

I replaced the stock wheels with 16" Focal R3. They are polished aluminum, and they look great. The tires are Toyo Proxes 205/50/16. The wheels aren't huge, but they keep the weight of the car at a minimal level.
I lowerd the car with Eibach Pro Kit. It dropped the car about 2". I replaced the shocks and struts with Tokico adjustables. The car ride is silky smooth.
I added GReddy EVOloution cat-back exhaust. It sounds great, and added about 10 horsepower. The stock spark plug wires were replaced with NGK. They are dark blue, and look really sweet.
My side markers, headlights, turn signals, and driving lights are all blue colored. Not hyperwhite, blue, deep blue. I had to order them dirctly from Japan since they are illegal in the U.S. They look amazing!!
The final modification is my favorite. I had a remote start unit added to my Viper 375 alarm system. The system can roll my windows down, rev the engine, and just about everything else. I love it!!

That's all for now, look out for Akimoto intake, Shogun body kit, and a new paint job!


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Hey Whiteheat!

Where can I see your ride? I wanna see it. Sound great!

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