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Mods for 2.0

First off the 2.0 ATX can be a fast car. It will cast you money but it can be fast.

First off. ATX specific mods. These are mods to bring the performance up to par with stick shift.

Get a torque converter.
Do the IAT mod

Second motor mods.

Intake (RS Akimoto, nice intake but over priced at 169, Probemotorsports intake, just as good as Akimoto and 20 bucks cheaper with a better filter. email me for more info on this one)
Exhaust (do custom, its cheaper and works just as good)
Header (bosal, its like 300 bucks)

Those will constitute your Basic performace upgrades. If you wnat to go into more advanced upgrades let me email me at [email protected]
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