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A friend gave me a 3904 Autometer Sport-comp monster tach. DOes anybody know of any links to articles that can help me install this thing on my MX6 ls??? I already dloaded the intructions from autometer and it is still to difficult to understand. THanks

Here we go, there should be four wires form the tach, I forgot the exact colors, but they are

1.Power wire
2.Guage light power wire
3.Signal wire
4.Ground wire

1.You have to connect the power wire to any 12V in the car, I think I connect it to the cigeratte wire of sometihing. Or to the stero wire, something like that.

2.Guage light wire goes to the parking light wire. You have to test this one but it is one of the wires that go into your turn signals.

3.You can either take the signal wire from the distributor or the ECU. From the distributor you will find a three wire plug, you take the middle one. Splice and connect the signal wire there. Or you can go directly to the ECU. Btu you will have to get the wiring diagram fromm Superprobes site (S-AFC install page).

4.Just ground anywhere to frame.

Hope this helps and email me if you have any other questions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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