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This is a copy of what John put up on PT but for any of the guys and gals on here, here you go. Anybody is welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or john (JKpgt96) or visit the thread on PT. Look forward to hopefully seeing some of you there.

" is a very rough idea of what we will be doing for the meet this year. Nathan and I are working to gather the last of the information to put up. We have a backup plan in-case the weather is not friendly (like last year).

Date: April 18-19, 2009
Time: Starts Saturday at ~12:00pm
Location(s): Cosmo Park, 1615 Business Loop 70 West, Columbia, MO


Saturday: Arrive in Columbia and meet at Cosmo Park by 12:00pm.

Here we can do a couple of things:
-Columbia mall food court (and aimless wandering of the mall for a while)
-BBQ at the Park
-Shakespeare's (like last year)
**Nathan is coming up with some more options as we speak**

After lunch a trip to a local car wash can be made for those who feel the need, which can be more interesting than you'd think..

Nathan will be heading up the cruise and planning the route again this year. Cruising/Racing is always a good time and a good opportunity for video. The cruise will be through some back roads and also out on the hwy. some for those of us with a lead foot who want to do some higher speed shinanigans..

The cruise could potentially take us up to the Devil's Icebox, which is a cave/natural spring type of place that we could go to and screw around. Or we could hit up a Pool hall or something like that, it does not really matter to me..For BAMM last year we did Putt Putt, which was fun with a bunch of non-golfers..idk, if it is nice out then I would think everyone would want to be outside..

Gather for dinner (Nathan is working on a place for this) after the cruising and activities..

At night go out on the town, hangout, cruise/look for trouble..Depending on the age of the group we could go downtown..(still working on this)

Sunday: Wake up groggy in the morning, go eat at the IHOP by Sam's Warehouse. We can do more cruising/racing/whatever works.

At night(or even during the day), there is typically very little traffic outside of downtown Columbia and especially on the outer highways congestion is very low. Nathan..this is your part, lol.

In the past this has been kind of on-the-fly and unorganized. In downtown Columbia there is a Motel 6 on the service road near Circuit City and Toys R Us. The address is 1800 I-70 Dr SW. It's a "shitty little shithole" (thanks Zammit) but it's cheap and cramming people into rooms is usually entertaining. Costs are cheap(especially divided by however many people). Some other people have gone to stay in another Hotel, the Drury Inn I think, which was like $75 a room. So everyone needs to sorta figure out what they want to do and plan accordingly..I am voting we all pitch in and get a couple of rooms..We can figure this when the time comes..


Seeing as an effort is going on to bring the old website back up and get it going again, it would be nice to take video throughout the cruise (someone has to have a good video camera). I will be taking some pictures but, everyone should try and snap some during the meet..I am not very good at it, lol.

Also, we are trying to get attendance back up to what it used to be, so NO LAME EXCUSES! And drag with you, who you can! Any and all are welcome!

See Everyone in CoMo!
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