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More power steering issues

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If you remember I had a thread about power steering issues.

I am still having the issues. It runs in spurts. Can drive a week with no problems and then next week start it and have no power steering. Turn it off and restart I have pws again.

So I have read the 88 FSM and the 92 posted. 92 is much better info. Page N 54 in the 92.

Questions. Y/G (in the 92 manual) should get one probe from the voltmeter but what about the other probe? To black wire or to a ground. I tried this but am getting a pattern that is not consitant with the FSM. Changing values above 4.4.

Could one use just a test light instead of a volt meter? If I am reading it correctly normal should be a flash of 4.4 volts then a delay of 10 seconds followed by another flash. I am getting flashes every second but not 4.4.

Also does the ECPS need to be reset like the ecu. Or does it just monitor the present fuction at that time? FSM says nothing about this.

Not sure if the issue is the pump or electrical.
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I have the same thing going on with my 88. I've always thought that its the solder joints for the connector, in the box under the seat.
Yeah I would definitely take the steering compuer box apart and look for bad solder joints. Or try a known good box.
don't use a test light, but the black lead just ground it IF you think its losing voltage just to a voltage drop across all the wires, they may just be corroded, and when you say changing values do you mean like pulsating, don't know if ps has a ac signal but its possible it does which is where the changing values is coming from. but it doesn't sound electrical it sounds like a bad pump, keep a eye out for leaks or for instance my power stearing has been doing that for atleast 5 years off and on, theres a valve in the back of the power stearing pump and it could be sticking not sure how to check it but its worth looking into
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