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Most infuriating/unbelievable thing happened...

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I was at a gas station and I had my drivers seat out of my car while I was vacuuming the carpet. Through the corner of my eye I saw a car backing up close to where my seat was, though I didn't think twice of it. When I was done I put the seat back in my car and realized it was broken. The frame on the base on the left side right where the L bracket bolts in broke, so the bottom part of the L bracket moves up and down with the back of the seat but is not attached to the frame. It's a long tube and it's not bent at all, just broken. It's also hollow and I can get it aligned again. Since I'd like to keep these seats, is there an hope I can get them welded back or get a rod inserted on the inside and welded in?
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that happened to my old jeep seat. im sure it can be welded, just make sure you grind away to clean metal, use flux, weld it and anti rust paint it.
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