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Hello, Just had my MX6 MOT'd for the first time since I bought it and it failed. Can someone tell me if these prices seem resonable?

It failed on offside rear disk starting to corrode (advisory) and pad is almost down to the metal (fail). So decided to go for new pads and disks on both sides of rear, charge inc fitting and VAT £193.
Also exhaust blowing (fail), section behind cat to back box, £94 inc fitting and vat.
Also n/s/f wishbone rubber bush split (fail) and osf wishbone bush stating to split (advisory), to fit both £97 all in.
Total bill £384.

I am a regular at the the garage I use so i don't think they would rip me off but just wanted to check with the wealth of experience on here to see what you think. I'm not getting the work done until Wednesday as they have to order the bushes.

Any help gratefully received.

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Hi Clunk

Sorry to hear it failed ....

The brakes seem very expensive - try
Discs are £32.96 +vat
PAds are £12.11 +vat

Fitting is very easy and should be no longer than 1 hour.

The exhaust actually sound about right - you could use it as an excuss to get yourself a upgraded rear box - eg scorpion ( £160 ish )

Im not sure on the price of the wishbone rubber bush ! Is this not the same as a CV Gator ? in which case £12 a side and 15 mins to fit ...

Hope that helps


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