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Motor Installed, No Start

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i put a motor in my mx-6 over the weekend. the motor was running when pull from a 626. everything is plug in, hook up. but all i get is a clicking sound from one of the relays. has anyone had this problem i need to get this car running.
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starter is broken? check the transmission ground, i bet your forgot it.
starter is fine, will check the tranmission ground.
Does it click and then the dash and interior accessories shut off? I would say transmission ground like stated above.

Sometimes when I try to start my car, it clicks but the lights stay on and I have to keep trying to turn the key until it cranks. If that's your problem....let me know what it is when you figure it out. For me, I would guess starter in that situation, or loose wires.
had a problem kinda like this when my car wouldnt ever turn over i ended up pushing it a little till it clicked and then turned over never had a nother problem like that
thanks guys. don't know what happen put the battery back on the car and it started right up.
mine was a low batery and bad starter solenoid.
everything is good and tight.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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