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motorsport world....................

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hi guys, i sent a mail to colin of motorsport world, and have copied his reply and my original mail, for info,

Hi Mike

Yes, we can offer your club members the discounts listed on our "Discounts" page. The prices in our online shop are already at these discount rates, but soon it will be ready so that only club members get the discount prices. So we can add your club to the list at that time.


Tel : 01357 529291
Fax : 0870 124 6796
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From: Mike
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 7:25 PM
Subject: club discounts

hi colin,

i am a member of the owners club, this is the uk wing of the global site. i have viewed your site via recommendations from that source. we have regular meets (next one 26th of this month) and also have close links with the probe owners club too. we also attend trax etc.

would it be possible to extend additional club discounts to ourselves? we are a group that are constantly modding our cars and of course look to a source of reasonably priced equipment.

we are the place all new owners of the mx6 come to, and we run a leafleting system, where current members regularly leaflet cars of our marque. this keeps the club alive and thriving as old members move on.

we also have a page where we list suppliers, you are as far as i know, already on it!

perhaps you would like to visit the forum on line and see the quality of the advise etc that is posted there? the url is follow the global links to the uk forum and pull up a chair.


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Nice one Mike
it was Colin i spoke to although he don't usually do the phone just happened to be on them the day i called, and as i said before nice guy.

does this now make me a contributor ken?? (looks on hard drive for suitable avatar)(grin).

I think contributor means in the financial sense (to the site) but why not :) I buy quite a few things from there so it 'would' :) of been nice at the time but there you go I suppose. I am sure I will some more things in the future so well done.

Can someone post when they actually manage to get discount on something so we know we can get it. What sort of discount are we talking about here btw?
I'll leave this here for a few more days for people to see, then trim it and make it a 'sticky' in UK Suppliers and Parts.

Just found this and got all excited thinking that I might get a discount for the new zorst and they dont discount it ahhh wel:(
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